ACM Panel Services

Aluminum composite (ACM) panels make any type of property look brand new. Aside from this fact, property owners enjoy added property durability, longevity, and protection against hazardous weather commonly faced by properties in Toronto, Ohio.

The Advantages of Using ACM Panels

You’ll gain all these advantages if you choose to use ACM panels for your properties.

Better Property Insulation and Soundproofing

ACM panels are two aluminum panels sandwiching a thick plastic core. Their low weight makes them easy to install. Additionally, the thick material slows down the entry of external temperature and sound waves. Coupled with glazed windows, ACM panels deliver astounding insulation and soundproofing.

Improved Curb Appeal

ACM panels come in many different colors. You can use a single color that complements the appearance of your property. In addition, you can use patterns and different styles to improve the aesthetic and value of your property at the same time.

Added Property Durability and Longevity

Aluminum is a sturdy, non-corroding material. Therefore, your property receives added durability against external storm-borne debris. ACM panels extend the lifespan of your external wall by 50 years and even more with effective maintenance.

Why Trust Skyluxe Roofing With Your ACM Panel Installation?

Experienced and Educated

Skyluxe is a household name for residential, commercial, and industrial property owners in Toronto, Ohio. Our teams have over 25 years of experience and education. We provide roofing and cladding services of all kinds including ACM panel installation, repair, and replacement for our clients.

Works Only With The Best Brands

In our years working on ACM panels, we’ve found the best partners for any project including:

Reynobond logo


Reynobond’s fusion-bonded, plastic-cored ACM panels give it a flexible and durable quality that weights 3.4 lighter than steel and 1.6 less than pure aluminum.

Alpolic logo


Alpolic is the signature commercial ACM cladding you see in many properties in Toronto. Their material is also 50% recyclable.

Alucobond logo


Alucobond is renowned for its increased fire-resistant plastic core with a huge variation of styles and colors.

Alucoil logo


Alucoil has its own panel production for vehicles and cruise ships aside from buildings. Its Larcore A2 is a favorite among our clients.

24/7 Cladding and Roofing Services

In case you have an emergency roofing or ACM cladding repair, replacement, or installation, you can call use even during off work hours, and we’ll send a team directly to help sort your needs.

We also offer a FREE quote for our ACM panel services. Just call us at this number right now: 647.952.2863