Nowadays, any commercial property owner in need of roofing services can find a huge number in Toronto ON. However, not every one of them might satisfy their commercial roof needs. To help you narrow down your queued number of roofers, you must know the things to ask when getting roofing quotes.

You do not only ask for the rough project figure when you do roofer consultations. Additionally, the process allows you to know them better. If you ask the right questions, then you’ll know if they’re suitable to work with you.

Here are 10 things to ask when getting roofing quotes and ensuring the best roofing services for your commercial property.

Can You Refer Me to A Satisfied Client You Have?

One of the 10 things to ask when getting roofing quotes in Toronto ON is to know if your contractor measures their work quality on results they produce. Therefore, a satisfied client is the only proof they produce good quality work.

Once they produce a satisfied client willing to vouch for their quality of work, you can ask these additional questions:

  • How frequent did they update you about the construction timeline?
  • Did they obtain the necessary permits for you?
  • Had you personally gotten along well with them?
  • Did they meet their deadline?
  • Have you had any hassle with their payment process?

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Show Me Your Portfolio and Physical Works

The recommended client can show you a photo or even meet with you in their former project site. However, to answer one of the 10 things to ask when getting roof quotes in Toronto ON accurately, ask your roofing contractor for their portfolio and physical works.

The contractor can hand you a photo of the commercial roofs they had serviced. If possible, ask them to provide you with a diagnosis document that details the problem and solution they provided during the project. This answers one of the most important interview questions for roofers that you definitely need.

In addition, ask them for the physical locations of their former projects. In this way, you can inspect them and see their quality of work in real-time.

a contractor fixing the side roof panels of a commercial property

Contractors with an excellent portfolio are worth working alongside and often have excellent results-oriented approaches to any project.

Do You Concentrate on Employee and Environmental Safety?

A safe employee is a well-performing business member. Therefore, it is vital to ask this one question from the set of 10 things to ask when getting roofing quotes. In fact, it is one of the frequently asked roofing questions for most property owners.

Employers who concentrate on their employee’s safety value their business contribution and their lives. In addition, these employees become conscious about the safety of their project environment.

Therefore, ask the roofing contractor about the steps they take to ensure their employee and project environment safety. If they give you a vague or casual reply, ask them again. In case they cannot give a concrete answer, then you have all the right to refuse working with them.

a seasoned contractor wearing gloves

Employees concerned with safety always guarantees a project with astounding results.

Can I See Your Certifications and Licenses to Construct?

Ontario has strict business guidelines for roofing contractors. In fact, any contractor and industrial business requires certifications and licenses before they can engage in their trade.

Therefore, asking this one important question from the set of 10 things to ask when getting roofing quotes is vital. If you work with an uncertified and unlicensed contractor, you end up putting your entire project and investment at risk.

In addition, ask them about their familiarity with different flat roofing systems, which are common property owner choices for commercial properties.

Remember, this is a vital item in any hiring a roofing contractor checklist. Make sure you list down these details for a fruitful project.

Do You Offer Commercial Roofing Insurance?

A sign that your contractor has a well-recognized work quality and good working ethics is their partnership with roofing insurers. Most insurance companies only work with low-risk contractors.

Therefore, if your roofer offers general or roof-only insurance, it is highly likely they will produce high-quality results for the project. What to look for in a roofer? See if other companies trust them too.

In addition, ask them if their company provides employee insurance. Ask them whether they are liable for anything that happens to their employees concerning accidents and unintended incidents. If they answer a resounding “yes,” then they are the professionals you’re definitely looking for.

What are Your Payment Terms?

Similar to the question you asked the satisfied client, receiving the actual payment terms from the contractor helps you gauge how streamlined is their business. One of the important questions I should ask a roofer is definitely this one.

In asking this crucial question from the ten things to ask when getting roofing quotes, you will know about the different forms of payment you can use. Additionally, you’ll know more about the deposit too.

However, take note: no Ontario contractor can go beyond a down payment that is 10% of the total estimate. Some frequent roofing questions and answers fail to address the actual down payment figure contractors can charge.

Do You Work With Subcontractors?

Some contractors can outsource certain procedures to other roofing or specialist companies. True enough, this is acceptable business practice.

However, it pays to know the subcontractors on a deep level. Ask them about their partner contractors’ licenses, insurance, warranties, certifications, and everything else in these set of things to ask when getting roofing quotes.

Will Your Labor Include Warranties?

An effective roofer is one that is confident in their quality of work. Therefore, the presence of guarantees and warranties is an extension of this confidence and dedication to providing quality work.

However, it is fair for roofers to ask for additional payment for extended labor warranties. Most contractors will provide a 1-2 year labor warranty. On the other hand, some might offer a warranty extension free of charge or with additional payment.

Ask your contractor about their warranty terms for further clarification.

shaking hands with a contractor

A true sign of workmanship and passion for quality is warranties. This is a sign your contractor takes pride on the labor they provide for you.

How Long Will The Roofing Process Take?

Part of the estimate is cost. Another part is the time they will spend.

For commercial property owners, time is important. An extended roof repair, replacement, or installation will mean a month or more of evicting tenants temporarily until the contractor finishes the project.

Therefore, knowing the length of time spent during construction helps property owners measure both time and expenses allowing them to plan their logistics accurately.

Can You Obtain The Building Permits For This Project?

In many cases, roofers will ask you to obtain the necessary permits. On the other hand, some roofers will obtain all necessary permits to get the project going.

While not an indicator of a good or bad-quality roofer, it will definitely be helpful if contractors obtain the licenses on your behalf. In this way, you save time and money by avoiding this process altogether.

Wrapping Up

Getting to know your roofing contractor is the first step towards a fruitful commercial roofing service. In fact, it helps you paint a clear picture of your work dynamic, final project result, and logistical assessment with the roofing contractor.

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