How Long Does a Wood Shake Roof Last in Toronto ON?

A long, long time ago, wooden roofing materials were the primary choice of homeowners. Try to look through pictures of houses during the Colonial era, and you will notice the widespread usage of wood shake roofs. This goes to show that wood is an established and premium material. Here at Skyluxe Roofing & Sheet Metal, [...]

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Toronto ON Home Tips: How Do Flat Roofs Work?

Are you unsure whether to choose a sloped or flat roof for your property? True enough, you have a huge variety of sloped residential roof designs advantageous for your Toronto ON property. However, if you have an answer to "how do flat roofs work," then you might say you made a better choice with a [...]

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How Often Should Roofs be Inspected in Toronto?

How’s your roofing lately? We had to ask because the health of your roofing can mean many things. For one, it can reflect on its overall performance. There’s also the chance to either prolong its longevity or cut it short. It also affects the integrity and safety that a homeowner should always take into consideration. [...]

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