Are you looking for creative green roof design ideas for your Toronto ON homes?

In today’s blog, allow us to give out some examples that can inspire you to pursue green roofing. Also, we want to showcase the versatility of a green roof to match your own preferences as a homeowner.

Before we jump right to some of the most amazing green roof design ideas, let’s first refresh our memories on what green roofing is all about…

Why Green Roofing?

A green roofing’s environmental contributions are no longer a secret to many Toronto ON homeowners. In fact, this type of roofing has slowly become part of the mainstream industry because of the clamor for more sustainable alternatives.

Here at Skyluxe Roofing and Sheet Metal, we have shared a couple of times already how homeowners can benefit from green roofing. We are committed to this as we believe in the value of seeking options that have long-term implications in favor of the environment (and for your own satisfaction as well).

Like other types of residential roofing, a green roof is not at all flawless. There are downsides to it that could possibly discourage people who are considering getting one. An obvious thing to note is the cost. Green roofing may require a huge upfront investment. This is in relation to the complicated installation process as well as the fact that it demands expertise. To make green roofing a success, you have to hire people who have ample knowledge on creating beautiful and effective green roofs.

A huge residential property with plants and vegetation on the roof.

An aerial view of extensive green roofing filled with vegetation.

For some people, maintenance is a major concern. We’re all extremely busy people. As individuals, we have our own priorities and responsibilities in our families, work, etc. And having a green roof is a continued commitment that one should own up to in terms of keeping up with its tricky maintenance. Since there are actual plants and vegetations involved, the care it requires is different from the usual or more traditional residential roofing. If you’re up for the challenge, then this might be a good option for you.

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The Best Green Roof Design Ideas

After discussing the basics of a green roof, we can now move on to the most exciting part — green roof ideas and designs.

Knowing that a green roofing is beneficial to the environment is probably one of the biggest convincing factors. However, did you know that it could also bring out your inner creativity? As a matter of fact, some studies show that having plants can help reduce stress levels and also improve one’s concentration. So if you want to spark your creativity, it’s a great exercise to start by managing a green roof.

When it comes to the flexibility of designs, there is a lot to choose from. Learn from the curated list below:

Combined with Solar Panels

For maximum energy efficiency, some homeowners go for a combined green and solar roofing. Yes, this is possible! Come to think of the long-term value as you get to cut a significant amount of energy consumption over time. This is indeed a powerful combo for Toronto ON homes. However, you would need help from roofing specialists to be able to come up with a design that’s not only sustainable but is also long lasting.

Solar panels installed on the roof along with plants

This is an example of a residential property that’s both a solar and a green roof.

Both green roofs and solar roofs are expensive on their own. Having the two of them together would really have to take a huge chunk of your finances. Hence, it’s advisable to plan about this well, particularly on the design component. Also, make sure that you are financially capable of installing and maintaining this kind of green roof idea to make it a successful one.

Combined with Skylights

The previous design idea was about having a green roof with solar panels. For the next one, you can choose to combine a green roof with skylights. We all know the value of having skylights in your homes. They allow natural light to penetrate the interior parts of the house and could also serve other purposes like ventilation, added curb appeal, to achieve a certain look and many more.

A photo of a house beside the mountains.

This is an example of a property that goes after a rustic appeal combining its green roof with some skylight installations.

In this example, the design is pretty straightforward. There’s not much going on in the roof aside from the plants and the space for skylights. If you’ll compare it with the usual green roofs, this one looks more rustic and exudes a classic appeal.

In customizing a green roof, there is no exact template. You are free to incorporate elements that you think would complement each other in terms of functionality and design. However, in every decision making that involves your roof, you should always consult and collaborate with an expert. In this way, you’re guaranteed to make the most of your investments.

Placed on a Terrace, Shed, Porch, etc.

You can also build a green roof on other areas of your property that’s not exactly on the roof itself. Some people who live in urban areas surrounded by tall apartments and buildings opt to place their greenery where it’s more feasible. Like in this photo, you’ll notice how the terrace is converted into a garden.

Roof terrace with greenery and solar panels

In urban areas where there are very limited spaces, some people choose to place their greeneries on their terraces (as seen in this photo).

Sometimes when spaces are limited, people can get creative on where to build their green roof. There are homes where they extend their green roof down to the sheds and porches. It doesn’t just add more areas for plants and vegetations. It could also be part of the overall rustic feel that many people want to achieve in these modern times.


Think of green roofing as a work in progress. Yes, you might have established it there on your roof already but the work never ends. Some people might view this as a hassle that gets in their way but there are people also who take this as an outlet of their creativity. There are a whole lot more green roof design ideas available that you can take inspiration from. It’s okay to explore and see what would fit your property best. Just always make sure that you plan the design along with a green roofing expert. Apart from the design, there are other considerations to think about like the structural weight, materials, drainage, etc.

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