Why Get a Metal Roof For Your Toronto ON Commercial Property: 7 Solid Reasons

There are plenty of reasons as to why get a metal roof for your Toronto ON commercial property. If you've walked around hardware stores or asked a reputable roofing contractor, the initial price may have put you off. However, if you think about it for a second time, you will realize the many advantages metal [...]

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2018 Green Roof Design Ideas: What’s Best for Toronto ON Homes?

Are you looking for creative green roof design ideas for your Toronto ON homes? In today’s blog, allow us to give out some examples that can inspire you to pursue green roofing. Also, we want to showcase the versatility of a green roof to match your own preferences as a homeowner. Before we jump right [...]

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Green Roofs Advantages and Disadvantages For Toronto ON Homes: (More About Green Roofing)

Planning to go au naturelle with your new roof? You might have heard a few green roofs advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, to make sure you make the best decision for your property, it pays to know about green roofing and facts surrounding the topic. You can always ask a professional contractor, but after reading this [...]

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2018 Guide to Knowing the Life Expectancy of a Skylight in Toronto

If you’re thinking of making enhancements to your home in Toronto Ontario, consider a skylight installation project. Many people think that skylights are a luxury addition. But the truth is that every residence needs them. Skylights benefit homes in several ways: Bring natural light - Natural light helps you get your daily dose of vitamin [...]

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How Often Should Roofs be Inspected in Toronto?

How’s your roofing lately? We had to ask because the health of your roofing can mean many things. For one, it can reflect on its overall performance. There’s also the chance to either prolong its longevity or cut it short. It also affects the integrity and safety that a homeowner should always take into consideration. [...]

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Why You Should Use ACM Panels: For Modern Homes

One reason why you should use ACM panels is many modern properties use them today. Aluminum composite (ACM) panels or "sandwich" panels are two aluminum sheets bonded together to a non-aluminum core such as plastic. The light-weighted and non-eroding capacity makes it a better and stylish finish for all residential, commercial, and industrial properties. If [...]

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Are Metal Roofs Noisy When it Rains in Toronto?

Metal roofing has slowly become a part of the mainstream residential roofing industry due to its promising qualities. Admittedly, it’s not for everyone. Its distinct features are great but there are downsides as well, just like any other roofing material. In fact, there are some people who are bothered about certain characteristics. We are often [...]

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Why Would You Use Slate for a Roof: Good and Bad Side of It

If not asphalt shingles, then American homeowners will likely choose clay or slate tiles. Why would you use slate for a roof? It's elegant and glamorous to look at. Slate is a stone in the shale family composed of volcanic ash and clay. The melted sedimentary rock is grainy and has cleavages. Its aesthetic beauty [...]

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Top 4 Reasons Why Slate is Used for Roof Tiles

Slate roofing tiles exude natural appeal that’s both classic and rustic. Historically, the slate has been around for centuries already. If you want to know more about it and to answer your question why is slate used for roof tiles, keep on reading... What is a Slate? Slate is a fine-grained metamorphic rock. It is [...]

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