If you’re thinking of making enhancements to your home in Toronto Ontario, consider a skylight installation project. Many people think that skylights are a luxury addition. But the truth is that every residence needs them. Skylights benefit homes in several ways:

  • Bring natural light – Natural light helps you get your daily dose of vitamin D. It lifts up your mood and keeps you energized all day.
  • Improve your home’s aesthetics – Skylights don’t just bring in natural light, they transform interior spaces. Put them strategically, preferably in dark rooms or areas where your family often gathers.
  • Lower your energy bills – Improve energy efficiency and make your home greener by installing skylights. Skylights help release hot air that builds up near the ceiling.
  • Provide privacy while receiving daylight – Skylights allow you to see the view of the sky whether you’re in the bedroom or bathroom.

Before tackling a skylight installation, a homeowner may ask, “What is the life expectancy of a skylight?

For the first part of this guide, we’ll tell you about its lifespan and factors that shorten its useful life. For the last part, you’re going to learn some considerations prior to adding skylights.

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What is the Life Expectancy of a Skylight? (And Things That Reduce Its Lifespan)

How long is a skylight good for? Skylights last anywhere from 10-20 years. However, there are factors that cause skylights to leak and shorten their service lives:

1. Poor workmanship

skylights in dark room

Errors in installing skylights are a reason for leaks.

One of the main things that cause leaky skylights is poor installation. Like any structure of your home, skylights cannot perform their intended function if they are not sealed tightly or an installer chose the wrong location. Never make a DIY job out of skylights. Skill and experience are keys to a successful installation.

2. Errors in repairs

When your skylight leaks, do you call a licensed, professional roofing contractor? Or do you ask help from your neighbor and handle repairs by yourselves? Skylights repair mistakes are typical among do-it-yourselfers.

Some people attempt to go the DIY route thinking that they can save money. But the opposite is true. Wrong techniques lead to bigger damage to your skylights. The worst thing that could happen is you ending up in the emergency room because you fell off the roof!

3. Low-quality skylights

what is the life expectancy of a skylight

Ensure longer lasting skylights by choosing a known and trusted manufacturer.

Ask, “What is the life expectancy of a skylight if it’s poor in quality?” and we’ll tell you that it won’t last that long. Skylights that are low in quality are more likely to leak. Hail in Toronto can easily crack a skylight, compromising its structural integrity. Hail weakens the seal around the skylight and may lead to water intrusion.

Right from the start, choose the best skylights. At Skyluxe Roofing & Sheet Metal, we install VELUX skylights. You’ll be delighted with the fact that VELUX guarantees their skylights against hail. Ask us about their “No Leak” skylights.

4. A roof replacement

When it’s time to replace your roofing material, should you replace the skylights too? The answer is YES, you need a skylight replacement. Here’s why you need to replace your skylights during a roof replacement:

Replacing the roof could disturb the integrity of the skylights. It’s possible that a skylight doesn’t get affected during a replacement, especially if a skylight is less than 10 years old. However, this scenario isn’t always what happens. A lot of homeowners experience skylight failure following a roof replacement.

The opposite could also be true. If you replace old skylights after installing a new roofing system, the skylight replacement can damage the roofing material.

5. Snow accumulation

thin snow covering metal roof with skylights

Don’t let too much snow accumulate around your skylights.

During winter, snow that builds up around your skylights can melt and create leaks. Prevent condensation and leaky skylights from happening by taking proactive measures.

Make sure to hire a roofing professional to inspect your skylights before winter. This allows them to do the necessary skylight repairs. Also, don’t allow snow to accumulate on the roof. Invest in roof snow removal services.

Your roofing contractors should also determine the best placement for skylights. Professional roofers know the best areas to place skylights that lower the risk for snow-related damage.

Considerations Before You Install Skylights

You already know the answer to the question, “What is the life expectancy of a skylight?” Prior to adding skylights to improve your home, think about these aspects:

1. Positioning

Carefully plan the slope of your roof and placement of a skylight so that you maximize the opportunity to receive ample light. For example, low slope roofing systems allow you to receive more sunlight from skylights during summer. A skylight on a south-facing roof tends to get a more intense light. North facing ones benefit from a softer light.

2. Maintenance

Are you able and willing to commit to maintaining skylights? While skylights, in general, don’t require a lot of maintenance, still you need to pay attention to their condition. Ignoring the condition of your skylights certainly shortens their lifespan. If you can be responsible enough to care for them, then these extra home features are for you.

3. Cost

The cost of installing skylights varies according to the design and features you like that meet your expectations. Some homeowners like and can afford skylights with a control system that relies on solar energy. Others prefer manual and fixed skylights to meet their budget needs.

Hire a Roofing Company That Specializes in Skylights

People may ask “What is the life expectancy of a skylight?” but fail to tap into the most important step of installation job: Choosing a qualified roofing company. The right roofing contractor will suggest the best skylights for you depending on your goals and preferences.

Here at Skyluxe Roofing & Sheet Metal, we install skylights for homes in Toronto Ontario. The best part is that we utilize skylights from topnotch manufacturers such as VELUX, Columbia Skylights, and Artistic Skylight Domes.

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