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Do you already know what is corrugated metal siding? We’re here to discuss more on this to help property owners understand the value of having one.

Exterior siding is beneficial to any commercial or industrial property. But what makes corrugated metal siding special that you might as well consider it for your own?

In today’s post, we’ll share more details about metal cladding, particularly corrugated steel. Knowing the specifics of each material gives you an advantage as an owner. You have more visibility to what it can or cannot do, helping you narrow down your options.

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What is Corrugated Metal Siding?

The first step is to know what is corrugated metal siding. Is it advisable for your commercial property? Why or why not? Aside from its durability and strength, what else is there to discover from corrugated metal wall panels?

Read on below to know a bit of a background about them…

According to reports, the process of using corrugated metal siding has started way back in the 1820s. From the word “corrugated”, there are distinct pattern formations that you can immediately spot on its surface. You can distinguish it from other cladding materials through its repetitive wave-like patterns.

corrugated metal sheets

You’ll easily recognize corrugated metal sheets because of its wave-like patterns.

A corrugated metal siding is produced through the cold-form process (which is technically flattening and rolling the steel). These wave-like patterns come in varying shapes. Some corrugations are more linear while others are square-shaped.

What’s the Edge of Corrugated Metal Siding?

Generally speaking, the edge is found in its corrugations. We all know that metal as a base material has a proven stability. It’s one of the toughest home improvement material that you can find in the market. However, there are other siding systems that are promising as well as a wood siding. But in terms of durability and functionality, you can never go wrong with a corrugated metal siding.

The corrugations or the wave-like patterns help increase its tenacity. The corrugated grooves are also responsible for its excellent water-shedding properties. Furthermore, its unique properties boost resistance against impact and weight loads. If you’ll come to think of it, corrugated metal siding can thrive well even in extreme situations.

Should You Choose Corrugated Metal Siding?

We know that at the end of the day, you want to hear the answer to… Should you choose corrugated metal siding?

We shortlisted the top reasons why it’s ideal for your Toronto ON commercial building. Below is a list of its benefits that could help support your business goals.

Superior Durability

Know that corrugated metal siding is only of the most durable construction products that you can find in the market. It can effectively protect the building from high winds, heavy rains, hailstorms, snowstorms, etc. Moreover, it is also impact-resistant. It’s a great solution if you’re worried about extreme weather conditions like tornadoes or hurricanes.

Something that you should be looking forward to is fire-resistance. It adds up to your peace of mind as a building owner. Being a metal, you also don’t have to be bothered by the threat of molds, pests, mildew, rot, and other harmful elements.


Are you living in an area prone to hailstorms? These natural calamities can cause serious problems. Aside from the major damages to the roof, fence, vehicle, and other exposed parts of the house, you can also expect dents, punctures, or marks that they can potentially leave behind.

If hail is one of your biggest worries, then a corrugated metal siding is the solution. Amidst the threat coming from hail, know that this kind of metal cladding will not warp or buckle. It is among those highest quality materials that can effectively resist hail damage.

Low Maintenance

One of the most favorable qualities of a corrugated metal siding is the minimal maintenance requirements. A properly installed siding can last for a long period of time with fewer issues like the accumulation of dirt. While it’s normal for exterior siding to succumb to the daily wear and tear, you can expect a corrugated metal cladding to be low maintenance.

Some property owners are concerned about the need to recoat their siding every few years. As for corrugated siding, it can take decades before your contractor might recommend recoating services.


As with any exterior building element, you need to implement necessary maintenance procedures. If you are diligent in taking care of your corrugated steel siding, it can last for up to five decades or even more.

Giving your steel siding the proper attention that it deserves will reap long-term benefits for you and your business.


Is corrugated metal siding expensive? As compared to other bespoke siding systems, a corrugated steel siding is on the affordable side. It can cost about $4 to $8 per square foot which is not too steep considering the type of material. However, for some, it still costs higher than other traditional siding systems. But if you’ll prioritize the benefits (durability, longevity, and performance), you know that it’s going to be much more worth it in the long run. Going for a corrugated metal siding may cost slightly higher now but just think about the future savings on maintenance, repainting, recoating, repairs, replacements, and other requirements.


If there’s one thing to note, you need to know that corrugated sheet metals are produced from recycled materials. When they reach the end of their lifecycle, they become subject for recycling as well. In the day and age where property owners are clamoring for sustainability, you have found an alternative solution in the form of corrugated metal cladding.

Versatile Color Selections

Light blue metallic corrugated panel

Here’s a close-up shot of a corrugated metal panel in light blue metallic color.

If you think that metal can be boring, you have to think again. As a matter of fact, they come in a wide range of color selections. You can find a color to match your overall theme may it be industrial, modern, traditional, minimalist, or whatever your preference would be. It gives you the freedom to choose over the style you want without compromising the functionality and performance of your exterior metal cladding. Choosing among the corrugated metal siding colors is an exciting phase that you can collaborate on with an experienced siding company.


You might notice that corrugated metal siding is slowly becoming part of the mainstream construction industry. We can’t blame building owners and contractors for choosing this type of metal siding. It can answer to all your demands may it be in terms of durability, maintenance, performance, or longevity.

As extremely busy business owners, you might want to choose an exterior siding that can help promote peace of mind. It gives you the assurance that it wouldn’t let you down even in the harshest weather conditions and through the test of time.

Eager to know more about corrugated metal siding? Or you may have other ideas in mind like a corrugated metal roofing?

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