The siding to commercial buildings plays an important role. Siding weathers the storms and other elements that mother nature throws at it. As a building owner, you’d want to learn about commercial siding and maintenance. Consider making this investment.

Today, Skyluxe Roofing & Sheet Metal provides valuable knowledge on the following:

  • Importance of commercial siding (three benefits of siding for buildings)
  • Why commercial metal siding is a popular siding material
  • Different metal siding options
  • Simple maintenance tips to prolong siding lifespan

Let’s get started, shall we?

Reasons to Consider Commercial Siding for Your Toronto ON Property

1. Improved look

Appearance. It’s one of the best reasons to invest in commercial siding and maintenance. Every building owner has his aesthetic preferences, and siding drastically changes the outward appeal of his facility. For example, synthetic stone siding gives a building a natural and authentic feel, making it truly stand out. Your siding of choice can be made to match your branding needs.

2. A smart way to safeguard your building

grey and black horizontal siding covering warehouse building

Siding covers the walls of your commercial property. It shields your building from damaging external elements.

As we previously mentioned in the introduction, siding acts as an extra layer of protection from the harsh weather. Too much exposure to the heat and cold weakens the walls of your building, causing cracks over time. Save yourself from damage and costly repairs by installing commercial siding.

3. Reduce energy consumption

Thirdly, siding boosts energy-efficiency. Energy-efficiency affects your expenses and employees’ comfort levels. That said, investing in the right commercial siding and maintenance helps maintain a stable temperature inside your building and reduces air infiltration. The effect is an improved energy performance. Air cooling and heating systems won’t have to work harder!

Why Is Metal Siding an Excellent Choice?

If you try to do a bit of research, you will realize that there are lots of siding materials to choose from. Some residential siding materials like fiber cement and wood are also being used as commercial options. But out of these materials, metal stands out.

People recognize sheet metal siding for its longevity. Its structural toughness makes it highly resistant to extreme weather. Commercial metal siding also requires less maintenance. However, this doesn’t give you the option to forget it! When it needs to be replaced after 40-50 years, it can be recycled.

Commercial Metal Siding Choices (Materials and Profiles)

Perhaps you’d be interested to know what your options are for metal siding. For this part of our guide on commercial siding and maintenance, let’s discover some metal siding selections for your Toronto ON facility.

A. Materials

Steel metal siding

Many commercial property owners would choose steel. Why? Steel is highly resistant to anything. This includes dents, fires, and pest infestation. When the weather gets too hot in the summer, steel siding effectively insulates against high temperatures. Steel can be expensive but building owners benefit from its long-term value. Steel also complements any structure like wood to create contrast, which is beautiful.

Aluminum metal siding

Commercial aluminum siding meets your design preferences because of the color availability. Therefore, it’s a great option for buildings. Not only does it help improve your building’s aesthetics, but it also delivers a high ROI in many ways. It resists rust and pest and mold infestation. It also achieves energy-efficiency. When the paint starts to fade, you can simply repaint it to make it vibrant again. 

blue painted aluminum siding with exposed fasteners

Aluminum siding comes in different colors that complement your Toronto ON property.

Copper metal siding

Copper is a renowned material not just for roofing, but also for siding. While copper weighs less, it performs outstandingly. Copper may never corrode. Most likely, you’ll never have to replace your copper siding! However, the cost is a major disadvantage. Copper is way more expensive than most siding materials. Copper costs around $7-$9 per square foot (source:

B. Profiles

Vertical siding

As the name goes, vertical siding is characterized by vertical line patterns. These vertical patterns give your building an elongated appearance.

Horizontal siding

We commonly find this siding profile on residential properties. For example, horizontal residential steel siding. Between vertical and horizontal siding, horizontal siding is easier to install. However, horizontal siding is more prone to water damage. Water easily enters the gaps between the siding. In general, people find horizontal siding quite challenging to clean.

Corrugated siding

Corrugated panels are a popular option for commercial siding. Wavy patterns define corrugated siding. If you’re wondering what these grooves are for, they increase the resilience of your building against impact and water.

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Maintenance Tips for Commercial Siding

Now, we’re going to discuss some care tips. While metal siding panels are low-maintenance, still they require attention to last (although maintenance tasks are done less frequently).

Get regular inspections. Inspections and evaluations detect siding damage in its early stages. If you’ve installed siding with exposed fasteners, inspections ensure that the fasteners are not too tight or too loose.

commercial siding and maintenance contractor

Professional siding inspections uncover minor problems before they become serious.

Make sure that no objects touch the metal siding panels. Trees, bushes, and equipment should be away from the siding. They may scratch the metal, thereby affecting its appearance.

Clean dirty siding. Water and an all-purpose cleaner effectively remove dirt and grime from the siding surface. Use only a soft-bristled brush for gentle cleaning. Work in sections. Cleaning can be time-consuming, which is why you must never hesitate to hire professional help.

Did You Learn from Our Commercial Siding and Maintenance Guide?

And there you have it! We just shared common commercial siding materials and styles. Also, we discussed how to maintain metal siding. In conclusion, commercial siding makes a valuable investment.

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