Destructive and Non-Destructive Roof Moisture Test

Destructive and Non-Destructive Roof Moisture Test in Toronto, ON

Roofs are typically made up of different components including a membrane, insulation and roof deck. Unfortunately, the roof can fail at several areas, typically at the roof flashings. The root of the leak may sometimes be hard to determine. Skyluxe Roofing & Sheet Metal is your go-to company when it comes to your roof moisture testing.

Roof moisture tests helps determine the extent of the moisture damage and also the area that would need to be repaired. 

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Using the most effective methods and technology available, we perform the following tests:

  • Cut Tests
  • Infrared Testing at Night
  • Under-roof visual moisture survey
  • And More

Why Use Skyluxe Roofing & Sheet Metal’s Roof Moisture Test Service?

Aside from effective roof moisture test for your various types of flat roofs, Skyluxe Roofing & Sheet Metal helps you with all your roofing troubles as a one-stop shop for all roofing and exterior property needs.

24/7 Emergency Services

There’s no need to worry about calling your roof repairs after work hours. The trained and seasoned contractors of Skyluxe Roofing & Sheet Metal are here to conduct inspections, repairs, and replacement for roofs as soon as you call our teams any time of day. Using top-quality equipment from Certainteed, IKO, GAF, and other renowned suppliers, we guarantee only the best workmanship and long-term roofing solutions.

Complete Roofing Solution

All our projects comply with Ontario’s health and safety standards. Our professional teams have extensive experience working with a variety of roofing materials including BUR, modified bitumen, TPO, green roofs, metal, and asphalt roofs. Whether it is a repair or replacement for roofs, we guarantee only 100% satisfaction for our clients.

A Decade of Warranty for All Products and Labor

Our partnered suppliers and our teams take pride in results. Skyluxe Roofing & Sheet Metal provides each product and manufactured product 15 years warranty from the official project end date. Our company always aims for top-notch workmanship and give our customers value for their money.

A roof moisture test is as important as a roofing inspection, allowing property owners to maximize the lifespan their roof, walls, and floors. Get a free quote on your concrete moisture test today: 647-952-2863