Maybe you’re planning to start the first design of your Toronto ON home with an architect. On the other hand, maybe you’re planning to replace your roof and reconstruct the entire structure for something unique and elegant. Whichever your plans are, it pays to know the best flat roof design ideas to give a modern look for your home.

True enough, you’ll need to find reliable flat roof construction types of companies, flat roof materials, and a flat roof drawing or designer to make sure your vision comes to light in full.

Before that, indulge in some great ideas to give your home a modern look.

Best Toronto ON Residential Flat Roof Design

  1. 7 Unique Flat Roof Design Ideas
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  3. Making Sure Your Roof Design Ideas Come to Life

7 Unique Flat Roof Design Ideas You Can Try!

Staggered Levels of Personality

Traditional flat roof design might make your house look like a flat-roofed sore thumb in your real estate. However, a property with different height levels per section gives off an amazingly unique yet attractive look.

True enough, it gives the architect more freedom to design a home using right angles with differing heights. In fact, they won’t have any stylistic restrictions that accompanies common traditional residential roof and structural designs.

While it will take roof maintenance contractors some time to complete their inspection, rest assured the look and estate value of your staggered roof height levels are quite high too.

Ride the Waves of the Future

When you look at a Toronto ON home with a flat roof design, you quickly think it’s a modern, futuristic home. In fact, showing any sign of symmetry or rhythmic notions in the number of windows, doors, colors, or the white spaces you leave along the blank walls and siding gives the impression your home is from another timeline.

True enough, traditional roof designs make people nostalgic or fascinated by colonial or French architecture. However, flat-roofed homes give a distinct, timeless, and unique appeal that drives up its real estate value immensely.

modernistic multi-floor flat roofed residence

A house with staggering height is truly modern and futuristic to look at.

Modern Wood Matte

It may happen that during your oculars to find design inspiration, you came across most flat roof designs with houses that have concrete white walls. True enough, majority use concrete for added durability.

However, your property is similar to Toronto ON commercial properties because of its flat roof. Therefore, you can use durable wooden siding to cover the concrete foundation of the property.

In turn, you have a truly unique flat-roofed property with a grainy yet elegant appeal that feels like it came straight out of a movie!

The Gigantic Slant

Some artists use the idea of symmetry to create one underline of contrast that makes it distinct. Talented architects with a flair for expression do this by making everything equal in size or rhythm in a property. Then, they will make the flat roof pitch a few degrees than it’s supposed to on just one side.

True enough, gigantic-slant flat roofs might remind you of shed roofs. However, most architects use support poles as extensions to create a slant with huge design significance that makes the home truly unique in nature.

Symmetrically Appeasing

As for symmetry in itself, architects of flat-roofed homes often use it as a de facto element. While it may sound boring or usual, symmetry creates the feel of peace and tranquility especially for people viewing it from the curb.

If you’ve seen a flat-roofed property with the same size of windows and doors, it does look pleasing and relaxing. Now, imagine the same symmetrical residence with a flat roof with a beautiful patio. Definitely, you see the point in its amazing aesthetic.

a simple symmetrical flat roofed property with stairs in front

A symmetrical flat-roofed property has excellent appeal and has its own timeless character

The Minimal Approach

Indeed, less is more, and this applies to flat roof and roofing design in general. Flat roofs are the perfect example of minimalism.

True enough, some can argue that traditional gable roofs are minimalistic in nature. In fact, some designers will refer to it as simple rather than minimal. Gables have tile or roof shingle patterns across their high slopes, which make their design a bit excessive for minimalistic principles.

Flat roofs show only the essential, which can be a line of windows, white space for rhythm, and more.

multi-colored asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingle gable roofs are far from minimalist in its appearance because it has patterns that make it look unique and traditional.

Look Like a Lego House

One explanation why flat roof design ideas make homes look modern is because it makes everything look modular. True enough, modular house technology exists. In fact, it can speed up property construction in less than a year.

Additionally, some designers use Lego toy pieces to construct their ideas. In turn, it gives properties a unique look that seems to suggest the house is made up of different blocks. It might sound silly in words, but this look gives your property a unique appeal that can be difficult to replicate.

Why Choose Flat Roofs For Your Home?

Express Yourself!

As you have read earlier, designers, architects, and homeowners have all the freedom to use their property as a canvas of their ideas and self-expression. Traditional high-slope roofs have an appearance associated with a certain era.

On the other hand, modern architecture through residential flat roof designs have a timeless appeal that carries your own message, personality, and everything else about you.

Easy and Affordable to Repair and Replace

Flat roofs cost only $0.4-$13 per square foot. In addition, contractors can quickly finish usual flat roof maintenance routines and repair services because of the low risk associated with climbing on your roof.

In addition, the lifespan of most roofing materials last from 15-50 years, which make them excellent alternatives to high-slope roofs and materials.

Fully Maximize Your Residential Space

Attics serve as excellent storage spaces and insulation for residential properties. However, a flat roof design gives you extra space to use as an actual room. In addition, it makes detecting possible roof material compromises easier than the multitude of roof deck layers high slope-roofed homes have.

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How to Make Your Roof Design Ideas Come to Life

Designers can do lots to make an excellent design that fits 100% of your expectations. However, the other half of the task involves hiring the best property construction companies, and most especially professional and experienced residential roofers.

If you haven’t found them yet, you can count on us at Skyluxe Roofing & Sheet Metal for any residential and commercial flat roofing needs. We’re a decades-experienced company that delivers results and above your expectations. Contact us today!