Green Flat Roof Installation

Green Flat Roof Installation in Toronto, ON

Green flat roofing is becoming a popular choice among industrial, commercial, and institutional buildings. Basically, a green flat roof project entails covering the roof with vegetation.

Skyluxe Roofing & Sheet Metal performs green flat roof installations within the Greater Toronto Area. We run a team of professional contractors who are trained and knowledgeable in completing your project on time.

Buildings with green vegetation on its rooftop

Advantages of a Green Flat Roof

Perhaps you’re wondering how on earth will a green flat roof benefit everyone in your building and your business as a whole. Here are several reasons:

  • A place for meetings and recreation – Maximize building space and make your company meetings less stressful by holding them in a rooftop garden. This allows for increased employee productivity and creativity.

  • Reduce stormwater runoff – Rain that pours on buildings and streets carry pollutants to the rivers. A green roofing helps reduce the discharge of water since plants are there to absorb it.

  • Cooler indoor temperature and increased savings – Plants reduce the transmission of heat to the building, thereby keeping everyone cooler. Air conditioning systems don’t have to work harder. The long-term effect is lower energy usage.

  • Reduced noise – Is your building situated in a high traffic area? Layers of soil and plants absorb noise so that you achieve a quieter office.

Why Choose Our Professional Green Flat Roof Services

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