Toronto properties looking for excellent roof rainwater management solutions should look into excellent green roofs benefits this year. True enough, they’re expensive and time-consuming ventures, but the advantages and incentives property owners receive make them worth all the effort.

All green roof benefits and cost implications balance each other out. It will cost a bit to gain the economic benefits of green roofs such as having an attractive “skypark” for your hotel guests, which can have a bar or even a swimming pool too. True enough, we can consider that as part of social benefits of green roofs as well.

In this post, you’ll know what is a green roof, its advantages and negatives, benefits of green roofs in urban areas, and how to make sure you get the best possible installation.

Benefits of Green Roofs for Toronto Properties

  1. Advantages of Green Roofs (5 Items)
  2. Known Disadvantages (3 Items)
  3. Ensuring an Effective, Damage-Free Green Roof Installation

Green Roofs Benefits for Commercial Properties in Ontario

Level Up Rainwater Management Ten Times Better

One well-known green roofs benefits is its efficient rainwater mitigation. Rainwater rapidly rolls off into drainages, which will inflame clogs already existing in your system. In addition, it causes roof material erosion in traditional tar and gravel BUR roofs, which are additional causes of clogging.

Reports from properties with green roofs report better rainwater management because the sky garden retains more than 80% of rainwater. In doing so, gutter systems can handle rainwater volumes efficiently, and water runoff to sewers are truly cleaner than raw rainwater heading straight for the public sewage.

A Beautiful Green Garden or Park A Floor Above

Five-star hotels feature rooftop decks with bars and seats for guests. However, many Toronto hotels are embracing green roofs not just for their fiscal advantages. Many guests bring along their children, and some guests often stage hotels as their proposal sites. A sky garden is a beautiful place to handle both purposes.

Furthermore, it adds an amazing aesthetic when viewed from taller buildings or from the sky. In addition, the green roof cavity makes it easy for contractors to install rooftop pools to add value to the commercial property.

a green roof across three building rooftops

Green roofs can also expand to all the roofs of a multi-building system.

Brings Back the Green in a Colorless Urban Setting

True enough, Toronto corporate and industrial properties cannot accommodate green roofs. In addition, their hard surfaces emit heat and radiation, which contributes to huge utility bills and toxicity in Ontario.

With green roofs, urban structures add shade and greenery to the local environment. True enough, plant boxes and tree islands in Ontario do well to introduce vegetation and a fresh look in its cold-looking structures.

Improve Local Air and Cooling

In addition to these known green roofs benefits, car and industrial emissions contribute to local temperature warming and air toxicity. With green roofs, the local city air becomes cleaner and less dense. Plants and trees use carbon dioxide and emit breathable oxygen. Definitely, green roofs are good for the environment.

A city full of green roofs will guarantee not just a beautiful rooftop for guests and employees, but in addition, breathable air that helps cool the interior property temperature, which can drive down utility costs with the green roof membrane’s effective insulation too.

green roof with plenty of vegetation

A green roof retains moisture in its soil. In turn, it helps cool down the commercial property.

Huge City Incentives From Local Government

One of the best green roofs benefits in existence is to have local grants and incentives for every square meter of green roof you install in your property.

Local authorities recognize green roofs as supportive of vegetation growth, reduce city heat build-up, and greatly contribute to local air quality improvements over time.

Properties with green roofs can have an incentive of $100 per square meter of green roof. In fact, full systems can get higher than $1,000 too.

Disadvantages You Should Know

While it is highly advantageous, green roofs benefits aren’t immune from disadvantages. Living roofs require more than just a dedicated team of gardeners and retainers. Additionally, they require the following physical and qualitative improvements to install and function successfully.

Additional Building Weight Reinforcement

Green roofs are extremely heavy. Therefore, buildings need to prepare its structural weight with reinforcements and fortifications. Unfortunately, this means additional costs for materials and labor.

Typical green roofs require a cavity at least 2-3 meters deep to grow plants. If you plan to grow trees, you may need a deeper cavity than just a handful of meters to accommodate its roots. Additionally, this means reinforcing your building weight-carrying capacity even further.

True enough, traditional high-slope roofed commercial properties might find it difficult and more expensive to install green roofs.

a green roof patch with dozens of different vegetation

Gardeners are the least expensive of everything you need for green roofs.

Immense Construction Costs Upfront

Indeed, you’ll save plenty from utilities and incentives. However, it will take some time to return your investments especially your upfront costs for constructing green roofs.

Most roofing contractors estimate labor and materials to cost about twice or three times the price of conventional roofs. A green roof square foot costs about $10-$24. On the other hand, sturdy PVC flat roofing costs only $13-$15 per square foot in comparison. This excludes the final figure for the labor on the green roof and building structural reinforcement.

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Root Underlayment Penetration

The green roof’s membrane helps insulate property interiors. In addition, soil and plants absorb UV rays. However, if you have numerous trees across your green roof, you might find trouble with membrane penetration.

Over time, tree roots will grow out of bounds and damage the protective waterproof membrane that leads water runoff below the soil to the gutter system. In doing so, it can cause internal leaks. Furthermore, redirecting or cutting off the roots will take time and may require trenching, which can affect the aesthetic of your green roof.

Getting The Best Professionals for Your Green Roof Installation

However, you can avert many of these disadvantages by working with a renowned roofer with experience in handling green roof installations and maintenance. Indeed, if you’ll invest in green roofs, it is essential you invest in a service that will keep things on track and with outstanding results for your finished green roof.

Skyluxe Roofing & Sheet Metal is a Toronto-based roofing contractor with decades of experience building green roofs for numerous commercial properties in Ontario. If you need an excellent green roof construction, we’re the contractors you need. Contact us today!