Should I go for metal cladding or not? This is a common question we receive from future and existing Toronto ON homeowners. It’s not a surprise why there are hesitant people. First of all, we’re not used to metal cladding for homes. Sure, we see metal cladding in commercial buildings but for your own property, is it really a good idea? Also, many people are not yet familiar with metal cladding advantages and disadvantages, thus, the indifference to the idea.

Our team thought of the most compelling reasons why you need to consider having one for your homes. We came up with a rundown of metal cladding advantages and disadvantages. These insights are based on our own experiences as well as industry reports that we think are useful to share.

Without further ado, these are some of the most convincing reasons why you need to say yes to metal cladding…

Top Benefits of Metal Cladding

Metals, in general, are known to have superior durability, resistance, and longevity. These features add up and become an advantage when used for exterior cladding.

If you want to know more about what to expect with metal cladding, read on…

Low Maintenance

This is probably one of the most valuable benefits to reap if you’re going to install metal cladding. We all want to enhance the look of our houses and boost its protection against external elements. However, we don’t want to be bothered by difficulties when it comes to maintenance. This isn’t the case with metal cladding. It can fare well against snow, heat, frost, and other natural threats so you wouldn’t have to worry if there’s a bad weather coming up.

Don’t Absorb Moisture

Exterior cladding of the residential property

Here’s a photo of how an exterior metal cladding appears when installed.

Unlike other materials like wood or brick, metal doesn’t retain or absorb moisture. This quality makes it ideal for homes as you wouldn’t worry about molds, mildew, fungus, etc. These plants are known to be destructive and harmful to one’s health. Since it’s safe against these elements, it could last longer.


Other exterior siding materials are prone to insect infestation because they provide an ideal breeding ground. This doesn’t apply to metal as you’re 100% protected against insects. If you choose other materials aside from metal, you might have to deal with recurring insect issues which you can solve by spraying repellants over and over again.

Design Flexibility

Some people may initially think that metal siding is a bland choice. They see it this way because they can associate metal cladding with tall commercial buildings. Actually, this isn’t true nowadays. Because of recent developments, metal can now be flexible in terms of design. It’s not anymore limited and straightforward.

Exterior metal cladding on a building

Here’s an example of metal cladding in a building. However, the metal cladding can also be used for residential properties.

There are types of metal like aluminum and steel that come in different patterns and textures that mimic wood. You can now achieve a classic appeal that wood siding brings and still keep the durability of metal. If you don’t want the wood-like appearance, you can also choose from a wide array of color selections.

Fire Resistant

One advantage of choosing metal cladding is its fire-resistance capabilities. It’s great for homes as you don’t have to worry about spreading fire adding up to your confidence level and peace of mind. For instance, you’re automatically protected against a thunderstorm even if lightning hits the cladding.


Metal cladding wouldn’t add too much weight on the property’s load. When adding an exterior element, you have to consider the weight as it could lead to structural damage if you miss out on this part. The good thing about metal, it’s lightweight that you don’t have to worry about increasing the load.

In relation to its weight, it is also easy to install. However, you have to carefully assess the contractor’s level of expertise. Even if it’s fast and not too difficult to install, it still demands skillfulness and experience. Otherwise, the outcome and performance will suffer.


It’s good to note that metal as a material is highly recyclable. When it reaches the end of its life service, it doesn’t just end up in the landfill as it can be recycled and reused.

Common Disadvantages of Metal Cladding

As we always emphasize, every material comes with its own set of drawbacks. There’s no point in hiding away or ignoring these disadvantages. On the flipside of things, you have to be aware of them at the onset. This gives you a chance to prepare for the anticipated issues while there’s time.

Prone to Dents

Softer types of metal like aluminum has the tendency to easily dent when a hard object hits its surface. For instance, heavy hailstorms could leave dents and punctures on the metal cladding. This could also happen when stray branches land against it during tornadoes or hurricanes.

Given the fact that it could sustain dents, you need to take into consideration the local weather conditions.


Rusting is another issue with metals. Steel, in particular, is a type of metal that is prone to rusting especially if you don’t pay close attention to its needs. The surface can easily scratch, then the paint would peel off. This is the time when rust would easily spread and accelerate.

If you want to avoid rusting, there are spray-on treatments available. You need to consult your contractor to make sure you select high-quality metals that wouldn’t easily accumulate rust.


Metal can be noisy when rainwater hits its surface. For some people, this could be an issue. However, if you’re living in a relatively wet area, you would probably get accustomed to the sound that metal cladding makes. In addition, the strength it possesses compensates the fact that it could be noisy during rainy days.


Metal cladding is indeed a great addition to your home. It could give the property an instant facelift and increase the level of protection.

Being a metal, it could give out wrong connotations about how it would appear. Given the recent developments in the industry, you no longer have to worry about design limitations. They already come in different textures and finishes to match your own preference as a Toronto ON homeowner.

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