Metal roofing has slowly earned its badge as one of the main roofing system frontrunners today. This is not a surprise because of the many benefits that it has for your Toronto ON residential property. Now that many are convinced that this is a good choice, there are people who tend to commit mistakes when it comes to applying metal roof paint.

It may seem so easy to think about but metal roof paint is a tough job. There are homeowners who end up not maximizing the use of their metal roof because of wrong implementations.

Here at Skyluxe Roofing and Sheet Metal, our goal is to help more residents answer their biggest roofing questions. And that’s what we aim to do for this blog entry.

This time around, let’s talk about the truth behind metal roof paint in order to shed light on different thoughts and connotations about it.

 Without further ado, let’s jump right to it…

What Are The Most Common Metal Roof Paint Mistakes?

For some, metal roof paint projects can get disappointing. They give time for it, invest money, and hard work but at the end of the day, it still seems unsuccessful.

Wonder why this is so? These top 5 common metal roof paint mistakes may be the reasons why you end up unsatisfied with your metal roofing.

DIY Paint Projects

The lack of experience, tools, and the right set of skills will not produce excellent and long-lasting results. It’s not just unpleasant to your eyes but it is far more dangerous especially for amateurs.

Painting knowledge and skills are born out of years spent in training and fieldwork. As a normal person, it may seem easy but in reality, it’s very technical.

Using Old or Leftover Paint

It may seem economical at a homeowner’s standpoint but making use of leftover paint will not result in 100% efficiency. This is because are different paints available in the market to match specific materials or areas of your roof. There are certain types of paint that don’t go well with metal which can also be destructive.

You also need to think about the needs of your own metal roofing. Hence, you should always make sure that the paint you’ll choose is fresh and appropriate for the surface. If you aren’t an expert in this area, you can consult roofing professionals.

Wrong Metal Roof Paint Application

Let’s get this straight, metal roof paint jobs should be professionally done because there are several methods that involve a certain project.

This worker is painting the roof of this house

Professional workers are trained to apply metal roof paint correctly.

This is in connection to the mistake of doing it on your own without the guidance of a professional. On the other hand, you should also be careful about hiring a roofing contractor to do the job for you. Not all companies are the same, hence, you have to handpick them according to their track record and specializations.

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Improper After-Paint Maintenance

It’s so easy to forget about your roof after you’ve finished a painting job. This is also a common mistake for many homeowners. Here’s why…

After any type of roofing service, there’s a corresponding after-care. This is to ensure that all products are applied correctly and that it is regularly cleaned up. Accumulation of debris and dirt can damage the surface. If constantly ignored, these elements can create permanent damages.

We always tell our clients to follow recommended maintenance programs so that all their investments will not go to waste.

The Benefits of Painting Your Metal Roofs

the hand holds the sprayer and paints the roof

There are several methods of applying paint on your roof and one of them is by hand spraying it directly to the surface.

Do you really need to paint your metal roof?

Let’s address this big concern by identifying the positive outcomes of a professionally painted metal roof.

To Enhance Your Home’s Beauty

This tops the list simply because metal roof paints are available in a wide range of color selections. If you want to further customize and improve the look of your aging property, this is a good option as well.

To Prolong Your Roofing’s Life

Did you know that applying metal roof paint can help extend the life of your metal roofing? Roof paints add a protective layer that keeps your roofing safe against harmful elements (provided that it was applied correctly). Roof coatings can also help prevent potential damages.

How to Choose The Right Metal Roof Paint

Now that you’re already familiar with the benefits of having a freshly painted metal roof, let’s move on to the steps on how to choose the right color for your roof.

Who knew that choosing a roof paint color could be difficult? Yes, it is because there are many considerations to make so that you’ll land with the best color suitable for your home.

Consider The Overall Look

Not because it’s your most favorite color, it’s the right choice immediately. When choosing a color, you should consult design experts to know if it will compliment the whole look and appearance of your property.

Be Specific With The Color You Want

Did you know that there are several shades available for a certain color? It can get confusing because there’s deep red, dark bronze, slate gray, etc. Thus, if you already have a color in mind, ask the supplier and your roofing contractor for the exact shade.

Work With a Trusted Roofing Contractor

A reliable roofing company can help you find the best color for your home. It’s hard to decide on your own because of the many choices you have. But if you’re properly guided, this process should be fast and convenient.

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Final Words

Metal roof paints are truly beneficial. They protect your roofing and beautify your home. However, not all roof paints are the same. You need to find a product that’s proven to be tough, safe, and effective.

If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact a local roofing company to assist you in the process of applying metal roof paint on your property. Hiring licensed roofing contractors can also guarantee that you wouldn’t commit the most common mistakes that we mentioned in this post.

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