Residential Metal Roofing Contractors in Toronto, ON

Metal roofing are one of the most durable roofing materials for any home. Made from aluminum or sheet metal, the seams of this roof interlock with each other, preventing any types of leaks from entering any home. Hailstorms can only dent metal roofs. In addition, special coating helps them repel UV rays from any home and prolong their lifespan, helping improve the insulation of any property.

However, over time, its durability will weaken as it consistently faces different temperatures and weather types. Skyluxe Roofing & Sheet Metal is a company with years of experience and top-of-the-line equipment to conduct not just metal roof repair and replacement, but provide a comprehensive installation as well.

Workers carrying and installing a corrugated metal sheet above the roof

Thorough Roofing Inspection

Reputable metal roof contractors will conduct a thorough metal roof inspection before beginning any repair service. Once you call us, we can then begin the following:

  • Prepare the inspection equipment needed

  • Carefully approach vantage points for observation

  • Take note of all possible damage

  • Conduct strength and durability tests where possible

After our inspection process is complete, our team will give you an estimate of the repairs and other services needed to restore your roof’s capability.

Complete Installation Services

If you’re installing a new metal roof, then we are the metal roof contractors you’re looking for. We have installed metal roofs for hundreds of residential properties across Mississauga, Toronto, and surrounding areas.

Skyluxe Roofing & Sheet Metal:

  • Has designers that can install your existing roof design

  • Work with your current developer to install your roof

  • Will conduct post-installation examinations to guarantee your roof is properly and securely installed.

Only the Best Metal Roof Manufacturers

Skyluxe Roofing & Sheet Metal only works with the best manufacturers for metal roofs around such as:

Vicwest: Founded in 1930, Vicwest’s reputation as a metal roofing manufacturer is supported by its consistent portfolio

Agway Metals: Agway has been a metal roof manufacturer for over 40 years. Its metal roofs are born from their years of study and experience in manufacturing steel materials.

Kalzip: Kalzip creates not only reliable residential roofs, but also durable and long-lasting architectural metal roof designs.

Why Choose Skyluxe Roofing & Sheet Metal As Your Residential Metal Roof Contractors?

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