Project Description

This is an aerial shot from our Dundas Commercial Roofing project in Toronto.   The project was complicated.  The new Modified Bitumen roof consisted of a two-ply vapour barrier, 1% tapered sopra-iso poly-iso insulation, 1/2″ fibreboard, SEBS Soprema Elastophene 180 Base Sheet & Soprema SBS Sopralene Flam 250 Cap sheet.  In this photo we are almost complete our two-ply vapour barrier and we have a quarter of the insulation mopped in and ready for base sheet.  All A/C units on the roof are side discharge so there is an octopus of HVAC duct-work on the roof which makes material storage difficult.  We decided on dropping all material on the ground and we rented a telehandler to send up material as needed.  There is also a day-care in the first two floors of the building.  Lots of kids running around in the playground areas in the back.  We installed mesh over the guard rails to protect any debris from falling on pedestrians or kids.  We decided on building a wood chute instead of a standard chute and hopper.  A standard chute and hopper would have also restricted valuable space on the roof.  We built the chute and hung a tarp down to protect the wall.  The wood chute worked out great.  We rented and set up the scaffold stairs ourselves.  We installed the stairs in our fenced off area to access the roof as necessary.  There are businesses operating daily inside so this was the solution for not disturbing anyone.  This was a complicated project but with a proper set-up it makes life a bit easier for everyone.  Including the property manager and the tenants who operate daily business inside.

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