Project Description

We got a call from a property manager at Crossbridge Condominium Corporation in Toronto that there was a leak above a tenant’s kitchen on the commercial flat roof.  We quickly sent a crew over there to fix the problem.  The pipe flashing’s past roofers used were cheap and deteriorated.  We shoveled the snow out of the roof area and began working.  We removed the two pipe flashing’s and prepared the roof surface by scraping off the existing gravel.  We then primed the area with asphalt primer and installed a Soprema SBS Modified Bitumen repair over the entire area.  We finally finished off the repair by applying plastic cement/mastic to the tie in of the Soprema SBS Modified Bitumen repair to the existing roof.  We then swept the gravel back in place to keep the aesthetics of the roof.  It is important to regularly maintain your commercial property before small leaks become big problems.  If your roof is leaking give us a call  Skyluxe Roofing.