Project Description

There are many ways to repair a commercial BUR/Tar & Gravel flat roof. One of them is with a Modified Bitumen torch down repair and it is one of our favourites. There are steps you have to follow to adhere the modified bitumen to the old roof. The first step is to scrape and shovel all of the gravel from the roof area so you have a clean surface to torch the new membrane to. Then you have to prime the entire area with asphalt primer and let it dry. Then you are ready to torch the new membrane. This client — Designer’s Walk — is a large property manager who manage tens of millions of dollars worth of property in Toronto. They have used several other roofers to try and repair around these A/C units to no avail. We had to remove all of the bags and bags of cement the past roofers used to try and repair these areas. The property manager told me that every single roofer he called to repair this area bitched and moaned about the difficulty of repairing this area. They decided on going with us because of our optimism and knowledge to complete the repair properly and efficiently.

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