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Some people think of flat roofs on residential properties as a large liability and headaches.  Most people aren’t aware that a properly done flat roof will last longer than any basic shingle roof.  If it is installed properly of course.  When installing modern flat roofs its important to take a few things into consideration:

  1.  How will the roof drain?  You have several options when sloping the roof.  You can slope the roof with the carpentry on top of the rafters by creating a sub-floor or you can use tapered poly-iso insulation.  You can also use drains, scuppers or gutters.  Each having their pros and cons.  The most important factor is making sure the water drains from the roof.  There should be a minimum 2% slope which is 1/4″ per foot to adequately remove the water off the roof.  If this is done properly you have achieved half the battle.
  2. Will you ventilate the flat roof?  I’m a firm believer that trying to ventilate flat roofs causes more headaches than benefit.  In my opinion it is very difficult to ventilate flat roofs and much easier to insulate the bottom of the roof deck.  If you use closed-cell spray foam to the underside of the roof deck that also will work as a vapor barrier and minimize air-flow and heat loss into the roof’s sub-floor.  This would be called a hot flat roof.  If you are worried about heat in the summer time.  You can always install a reflective roof membrane which will also help tremendously.
  3. What maintenance does a flat roof require?  A flat roof can not be seen from the street.  It is important to do periodic inspections to ensure no roof drains are clogged and the roof is clean.  Clogged roof drains can lead to many problems.  Flat roofs typically require more maintenance than shingle roofs.

The most important factor to take into consideration when thinking about installing a flat roof on your home is to make sure you hire a reputable contractor.  It is important to do research about the company you are hiring to see if they are good at what they do.  If they hire sub-contractors then make sure that their sub-contractors are qualified.  Manufacturer certifications are very important because that proves that the contractor did their due diligence to educate on the importance of installing the roof system to manufacturers’ standards.  One of our personal favourite flat roofing manufacturers’ is Soprema.

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