Project Description

This is our Mount Pleasant commercial flat roof project.  Here we replaced the old tar and gravel flat roof and installed a new Soprema SBS Modified Bitumen roof system.  Upon removal of the old roof system we came across a few rotten sheets of plywood and slightly rotten rafters due to past leaks.  We had to beef up some of the rafters with new 2 x 6 and replace the rotten plywood.

There is lots of detail in these wall flashings to seal to the neighbours’ stucco.  We had to install the membrane flashings up on to the wall to ensure no water gets in between the buildings.  The membrane will now be terminated with a metal wall flashing and caulked on top.  These membrane flashings are given the perfect amount of heat to get a 1/4″ bleed out.  Professional torchers/roofers can achieve these bleed outs with ease.  People often get mistaken that flat roofs are a large liability and will cause headaches/problems for building/home owners.  This is not the case if you hire professionals who take pride in their work.  A flat roof WILL last longer than any shingle roof if installed properly.  Call us for a quote Skyluxe Roofing.