Project Description

Having a slate roof can be a great investment.  It increases the value of the home and it looks beautiful.  It is important to do proper and regular maintenance on your slate roof to make sure the tiles are not slipping or missing.  A falling slate tile can cause property damage or possibly injure someone and not to mention, leave your home exposed to water damage.  The proper method of repairing a slate roof is by removing the existing nails under the missing tile with a slate ripper and installing the new piece with a hammer.  It is important to match the existing slate tile size and colour when completing the repair to keep the aesthetics of the roof looking clean.  You must be careful when walking on the slate roof not to damage any other tiles but it is common to replace some from walking on them during the repair.  After all the slate roof is an asset on your home that needs to be maintained.  If maintained properly,  it can last over 100 years.

Slate Supplier:

North Country Slate

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