Now that it’s spring, there’s no question many Toronto ON commercial property owners are looking to replace their standing seam aluminum siding. Whether it’s due to age or to achieve a new aesthetic, standing seam metal siding details are beautiful.

However, jumping right into it without knowing about standing seam siding cost or their profile can mean costly mistakes.

Many property owners can say most manufactured siding is beautiful and the risk is low. On the other hand, you might find that your metal siding fell short of age and performance expectations because you used the first material you saw.

In this short guide, you’ll know everything about standing seam wall panels, different material types to use, their advantages and disadvantages, and guaranteeing an excellent installation of your siding materials.

Everything You Need To Know on Standing Seam Aluminum Siding

  1. Installation and Material Cost
  2. Popular Metal Siding Material Choices (6 items)
  3. Standing Seam Aluminum Siding Profile Variants (2 items)
  4. Ensuring an Excellent Installation of Your Siding

Installation and Material Cost

Standing seam aluminum siding installations can cost from $4-$15 per square foot. True enough, this cost varies depending on location. In Toronto ON, commercial property siding installations can cost about $8-$12 per square foot.

However, contractors charge higher than usual for specific siding materials. For example, zinc siding can range from $15-$25 per square foot. Copper, which requires special handling and equipment to install, can cost about $35 per square foot installed.

Popular Metal Siding Material Choices

Coated Steel

Aside from standing seam aluminum siding, Toronto ON property owners can use coated galvanized or galvalumed steel siding. Coated steel uses high quality paints that prevent material corrosion and improve its durability and performance.

Manufacturers may use or recommend coating their steel siding with acrylic or elastomeric paint from certain brands or as an add-on to their sale. These introduce a centimeter-thick added layer and sticks to their steel siding without any issues.

Steel can cost about $4.75-$5.75 per square foot. However, this does not cover the additional cost of the performance-improving coat.

Galvanized or Galvalumed

Zinc or aluminum-dipped steel siding are affordable choices than just going for pure zinc or aluminum siding. In addition, they share the durability and efficiency of steel in the process.

True enough, galvanized and galvalumed metal siding are common choices among many property owners because of their adequate lifespan and exceptional durability. In addition, some manufacturers produce them with special performance-enhancing paint (as we discussed earlier).

Additionally, some manufacturers create special galvanized and galvalumed siding simulated patterns thanks to protective paint. However, these may increase the cost of steel siding invariably.

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Many property owners choose to invest in standing seam aluminum siding because it is lightweight. In this regard, contractors find it easy to install, which lowers the installation cost of this material.

Additionally, aluminum siding is an excellent choice for properties situated near high salt-air areas. For example, a small restaurant near a beach will want to consider using aluminum siding to prevent any quick material corrosion.

Lastly, aluminum siding is perfect if you wish to avoid constructing new joists. Support structure creation is necessary for heavy steel and iron siding. It can cost about $8-$10 per square foot of material


Copper became a popular siding material during the 1920s to the early 1960s. It introduced a distinct look for commercial properties across the world. Just like aluminum, copper is extremely resistant to corrosion. While not a private property, the Statue of Liberty uses copper siding. Over time, the copper has lost its color, which gives the statue its green hue.

True enough, copper siding will have a golden shimmering look during its first few years and then lose it gradually until it turns green. However, copper can last for more than a century. On the other hand, copper is malleable, and a fierce hailstorm can create dents across the material. It costs about $9-$13 per square foot.

doors with vertical siding metal

In addition, you can use copper siding on doors as accents too!


Steel is an iron and carbon alloy, which makes it less expensive than pure iron. While iron is less durable than steel, it is more expensive. However, iron introduces a unique aesthetic when used as commercial property siding. It costs about $5-$9 per square foot.

True enough, iron and steel colors aren’t far off from each other. However, the texture of iron appears clearer and more opaque than steel. The reason: steel has a small percentage of carbon to reinforce its strength and durability. However, this gives it the common industrial siding look that may appear undesirable to some.


Zinc is less expensive than copper but shares the same lifespan and durability as copper siding. True enough, this metal starts as a black or dark gray siding. Then, it will change its color to a blue hue — similar to copper’s change into a green hue — after decades.

In doing so, it adds higher durability than its initial state. Additionally, the patination process improves its durability and resistance to corrosion and scratches. It costs about $7-$11 per square foot.

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Standing Seam Aluminum Siding Profile Variants

Corrugated Panels

These introduce a ribbed or beveled look for your building. It adds further dimension and introduces a strong, industrial profile for any property.

glossy aluminum siding

Corrugated aluminum siding introduces an industrial yet sophisticated look for properties.

Wall Tiles

Metal shingles and other wall tile variants introduce brick veneers and unique design patterns while enjoying the same durability and lifespan of metal siding. Thanks to coating, these tiles emulate natural-looking material. For example, you can create a diagonal-pattern siding wall for a unique aesthetic.

a contractor installing corrugated metal siding

Only trust professionals who can install your metal siding properly.

Ensuring a Superior Siding Installation For Your Property

An excellent installation guarantees added siding durability and performance. In fact, its lifespan become shorter if you fail to consider the material contraction and expansion. As a consequence, it will have lacking performance and even undergo undesirable changes in its look affecting overall curb appeal.

If you plan to tear down and install new siding, make sure you’re working with top-level professionals in your area. If you have yet to find a reliable company, you can count on Skyluxe Roofing & Sheet Metal to help you install your new siding. We can even manufacture your metal cladding from scratch. Contact us today!