True enough, many attractive properties across Toronto ON use custom-made siding to highlight their beauty. Indeed, it’s not how beautiful their flat roof is; what makes commercial properties beautiful is their siding. Knowing all about the best steel building siding options for your property is the best way to enhance its value and durability.

Many property owners will immediately go for metal siding. In fact, this is ideal if you own steel buildings that will look fantastic in modern metal siding choices. On the contrary, steel frame buildings don’t look industrial but very elegant and powerful.

This short post will help you make a decision on finding the best siding for your commercial property in Toronto ON.

Everything About Building Siding For Your Property

  1. Faux Stone Siding
  2. Stucco
  3. Masonry Brick
  4. Shiplap Wood
  5. Corrugated metal (+2 more)

Different Types of Steel Building Siding Options for Commercial Properties

Faux Stone

In Toronto ON, you’ll see plenty of buildings using faux stone, rock, and brick siding. Indeed, they’re pretty common with residential properties, but they add a unique flair to commercial properties.

Most strip malls and outlets in the area use faux stone because of its “homey” appeal. In fact, siding suppliers always have a good stock of faux stone, rock, or brick on hand for any contractor’s project.

As you may have guessed, this particular siding is quite common. If you’re planning to make your commercial property stand out from the rest, you may consider using another material or creating a unique faux stone siding design that is daring yet memorable.

faux stone commercial siding

While an extremely common siding for commercial buildings, faux stone has its own beautiful charm and curb appeal.


One of the more efficient steel building siding options available on the market, stucco is quite common in Ontario. However, with different color and texture choices, property owners can make their property stand out in its own unique way.

In the market, you’ll find three types of commercial stucco siding:

  • Spray-On Stucco: If you’re on a budget yet you want to improve your property’s outer appearance, this is the best choice. It allows you to spray on stucco textures on any other siding material.
  • Stucco Panels: Power-saving and insulating panels that give you a rough stucco finish. It looks 90% authentic and have added durability. In addition, they come in many colors.
  • Traditional Stucco: The real deal, but more expensive. However, its authenticity and beauty is truly unquestionable.

Masonry Brick

Most property owners won’t think masonry brick is an excellent steel building siding option. However, this residential-oriented siding gives a traditional and durable look for any property.

Masonry brick siding comes in a single and double-layer brick wall. Contractors will install two protective layers of brick siding to achieve durability and excellent insulation. However, if you don’t favor the brick-type property look, you might need to choose something else other than masonry brick.

While it raises property value quite highly, bricks aren’t waterproof. However, several manufacturers offer laminated bricks, which lengthen their lifespan, durability, and enable a waterproof seal for added protection.

mason brick siding

Mason brick siding can also be used as accents too.

Shiplap Wood

Shiplap is a wood-based siding contractors often use for residential siding. In fact, the panels are durable enough to build sheds and small barns. However, if used as steel building siding options, they provide beautiful curb appeal. Additionally, their price is quite economical.

Nowadays, manufacturers produce synthetic shiplap planks, which use laminates and added reinforcement. Doing so lengthens its lifespan, improves its water resistance, and provide adequate insulation.

If you’re looking for traditional shiplap, you can purchase them from most lumber suppliers. However, you will fare better with laminated modern materials especially in Ontario’s weather

Corrugated Metal

Modern metal siding can make your property too industrial for your taste. However, corrugated metal siding is a popular siding option because of its durability, longevity, and excellent protection against all elements.

Most manufacturers produce corrugated metal siding with a thickness of 26-gauge and beyond. True enough, contractors will need heavy machinery to install these dense metal sidings. However, the payoff is definitely worth all the initial expenses.

The density of metal siding protects the entire property from massive wind and rain damage. For example, in the face of a hurricane, corrugated metal siding properties have the lowest probability of any possible damages.

However, these siding can corrode over time. On the other hand, acrylic paint can help extend its lifespan similar to corrugated metal roofs.

aluminum siding for commercial properties

Aluminum cladding, which is a form of siding, is also an option for commercial properties.

Standing Seam Aluminum

One of the most expensive yet practical steel building siding options in Ontario, standing seam aluminum is also the most durable and appealing of all commercial siding.

Standing seam sidings have a density thicker than corrugated metal siding but half the weight because it is aluminum. In addition, it does not corrode easily and requires no additional acrylic layer to protect it from the elements. However, commercial property owners can choose to have it painted for aesthetic purposes.

True enough, it will not require additional siding joists to support the metal material because of its lighter weight. Yet, it will provide more than a century of excellent protection and unparalleled curb appeal.

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Ensuring an Excellent Building Siding Installation

Lighter materials such as stucco and faux stone are easy to handle if you compare them to dense siding materials. Indeed, the commercial property’s in-house construction team can handle the full installation of these siding without any problems.

However, aluminum and corrugated metal siding are heavy roofing materials because of their density. Therefore, it requires contractors with extensive experience when it comes to installing these siding materials. Furthermore, buildings with dozens of floors will require heavy machinery, which requires professional operation for an effective synergistic installation procedure.

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