There are plenty of reasons as to why get a metal roof for your Toronto ON commercial property. If you’ve walked around hardware stores or asked a reputable roofing contractor, the initial price may have put you off.

However, if you think about it for a second time, you will realize the many advantages metal roofs offer your property. Steel and aluminum are sturdy material and different industries such as aviation and automotives trust their durability and longevity.

After reading this post, you’ll know more about:

  • The way metal roofs save you from lifecycle costs, improve energy efficiency, and more
  • And some shortcomings it has because it is not a perfect roofing material

Why Get a Metal Roof for Commercial Properties?


Lifecycle Costs

Why get a metal roof? If you needed to change your roof only every 40 years on average, you won’t be the one to spend money and oversee its second or third roof replacement.

Studies by both metal roof manufacturers and standards regulators show that metal roofs can last from 40-50 years with limited maintenance.

With this capability, metal roofs surpass the 23-year lifespan estimates of asphalt shingles and modified bitumen. Single-ply roofs, a staple for many commercial properties, only last 20-25 years.

Galvanized and galvalumed steel with acrylic or elastomeric paint coats have strongly reduced likelihood of rusting. Aluminum is a roofing material that does not corrode even in high salt air environments.

Energy Efficiency

Why get a metal roof? Steel is a primary component of aircrafts and vehicles. Specially-made for this purpose, they can last for decades if property owners decide to use them for roofs.

Aside from the durability of metal, they help improve the energy efficiency of a commercial property.

Regulators often find the roof to contribute the least energy efficiency in most commercial properties. Therefore, HVAC systems use double the energy to produce the heating or cooling needed by the structure.

The conductivity of metal roofs allows them to accommodate better insulation without any effect on its lifespan or durability. In some cases, modified bitumen or even single-ply roofs might deteriorate due to consistently-changing internal property temperature.

a skyscraper overlooking the city

Many high-rise commercial structures enjoy the many advantages offered by metal roofs

Effective Insulation

Why get a metal roof? As we stated earlier, metal roofs are great conductors of temperatures.

Metal roofs will not absorb the heat of the sun during summers in Toronto ON. This is because special acrylic or elastomeric coating will help repel sunlight away from the structure. These special paints have light-color variants that give them this ability.

As a result, the insulation of metal-roofed commercial properties surpass those that use single-ply roofing or built-up roofing.

Reduced Lighting Needs

Unlike most built-up roofs and single-ply membranes, commercial properties with metal roofs can install skylights and sun ports easily.

Commercial property owners using an experienced skylight builder can work with professional metal roofing contractors to assemble their skylights with metal roofs.

Why get a metal roof? The material can serve as both flashing and main roofing material that prevents leaks. In turn, the skylights installation is faster yet guarantees durability and energy savings.

An office that lets natural sunlight into respective rooms saves 50% of their yearly spending on lighting energy.

metal roofing with skylights in tram station

Some tram stations across the world combine both skylights and metal roofs because of their efficiency

Get Higher Lease Rates

Why get a metal roof? With effective insulation and energy efficiency, property owners can demand higher lease rates from their would-be tenants.

In addition, you can claim tax benefits for the economic advantages your property contributes if the local government recognizes these efforts.

Lastly, a metal-roofed commercial property has the highest chance of high-value resale because of its improved real estate value.


One of the best reasons why get a metal roof is because it is environmentally friendly. Both steel and aluminum roofing is 100% recyclable. In fact, plenty of metal roofing materials are made from 25-28% recycled materials.

In turn, this allows manufacturers to drive down metal roof costs a bit. While still expensive than single-ply roofing membranes and traditional built-up roofs, they are still cost effective because of the advantages they deliver.

Limited Upkeep

Why get a metal roof? You won’t have to take care of it every month.

Metal roofs with protective coats require infrequent maintenance. At most, you’ll just need regular leaves and debris cleaning. You’ll need less maintenance if the roof does not face any foot traffic at all for a year.

It is not impossible to have a metal roof reach two more decades beyond its expected lifespan with regular maintenance.


Even with all the advantages metal roofs provide, they’re not perfect. They have a few shortcomings property owners need to accept.

Initially Costly

A metal roof square foot costs about $10-$15. Therefore, a square of metal roof costs about $100-$150, which is quite expensive for most property owners. This excludes your metal roof paint costs.

However, consider that you’re making a long-term roofing investment. Unlike single-ply or bitumen roofs, you won’t need to have them replaced, repaired, or maintained on a monthly basis.

metal roofing contractors performing coating

Acrylic or elastomeric paints give all metal roofs extended lifespans and corrosion protection

Roof Denting

Cars and aircrafts will dent if hailstones hit the material. In fact, dents present themselves prominently in “softer” metal materials such as aluminum. While lightweight, aluminum bends quite easily.

However, galvanized and galvalumed steel have higher densities than aluminum. In this light, they won’t dent as easily or even get damaged during a hailstorm. That’s a check off the list of Toronto ON property owner fears thanks to metal roofs.

Expansion and Contraction

Metal roofs expand and contract with changing temperatures. With improper installation, metal roofs will have reduced lifespan without enough space to contract or expand.

Certified metal roofing contractors will install any metal roof system properly. They guarantee the proper placement of fastening systems that accommodate the movement of metal roofs.

With enough space to move about, the metal roof receives an extended lifespan as the manufacturer estimates.

Wrapping Up

If you’ve decided to buy a metal roof for your commercial property, congratulations! You’re making an investment into durability and excellent roofing solutions. Even residential property owners can enjoy the same advantages by having metal roofs for their properties too!

However, be wary of its shortcomings. There is no perfect roofing material, but metal roofs come close to being the best to use in any situation.

Have you a metal roof on your property? How is it performing so far? Are you enjoying the advantages listed here? Tell us more in the comments section!