One reason why you should use ACM panels is many modern properties use them today.

Aluminum composite (ACM) panels or “sandwich” panels are two aluminum sheets bonded together to a non-aluminum core such as plastic. The light-weighted and non-eroding capacity makes it a better and stylish finish for all residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

If you’ve walked around corporate or commercial districts in Toronto, you’ll find many have ACM panels cladding their walls. However, did you know the stylish and sleek property you saw wasn’t too expensive to own? In fact, most property owners will invest more in ACM panels than their flat roofs!

Affordability is just one reason why you should use ACM panels. In this post, you’ll learn all about their advantages for all Toronto, Ohio residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

ACM’s Advantages


ACM panel manufacturers combine metal and plastic. In principle, it is similar to galvanization except it uses plastic than steel for its core. The two aluminum panels and single plastic core will not take toll against the walls of the property due to its low weight.

In addition, the sandwich panels will offer substantial durability. The solid barrier reduces noise from the outside and improves property insulation.

Aluminum and industrial-grade plastic does not deteriorate with temperature and weather changes. This makes them ideal for properties in Toronto wherein extreme weathers are often abound.

Long Lasting

High-quality aluminum composite panels have a lifespan of over 40-50 years. If you install them in harsh and extreme weather environments, ACM panels will survive for 35-40 years.

Its manufacture-expected lifespan is the same for any seaside property using ACM panels for additional insulation and property aesthetic. Coupled with aluminum roofs for commercial properties, the entire structure is virtually invulnerable


Metal doesn’t burn, and the same is true for aluminum. When exposed to 650 degrees Celsius in tests, the cladding material melts. However, its special plastic core does not emit any harmful gases or fumes that will endanger property inhabitants.

In this light, having ACM panels not only improves the aesthetic of your property, but it adds an effective barrier that can stop fires from becoming bigger.

beautiful soffits paneled with aluminum composite sets

Your home’s soffits will look wonderful with ACM panels.


They might look expensive when you look at them in urban settings, but ACM panels are very affordable. They cost about $4 per square meter on average.

In fact, some online retailers sell aluminum composite panels that you can install on your own. However, before doing so, it pays to ask your contractors regarding the quality of the ACM panels you are to purchase.

Contractors will definitely stress the advantages of why you should use ACM panels from reputable manufacturers. However, if you find a low-cost, durable, and long-lasting ACM panel, then don’t hesitate to suggest it to them.

Low Maintenance

ACM is low maintenance. While you may need people to inspect and clean it up from time to time, you’ll never need to clean it as often as residential sidings.

In fact, your cleaners need only use a clean, water-soaked cloth. The water will not erode the aluminum material.

It might only your cleaners a day or two to finish a regular ACM-paneled residential property. However, it might take a week to finish commercial and corporate structures with ACM panels.

Property owners can easily repair loose or missing ACM panels too. They can buy them in small bundles from retailers.

Plenty of Aesthetic Variety

One more reason why you should use ACM panels is because of the immense variety of colors available. This means it can suit any type of aesthetic your property has.

For example, if you have a commercial property with a flat EPDM roof, you can use ACM panels to accent the sides of your building. Upon doing so, the ACM panels have improved the curb appeal of your property quickly.

ACM panels are highly recommended for flat-roof residential properties. True enough, aluminum panels may not suit high-slope properties with colorful shingles.

Works for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Structures

As evidenced above, the best reason why you should use ACM panels is they are applicable for any residential, commercial, or industrial project.

Of course, not every property will agree with the metallic and shiny aesthetic of aluminum panels. However, if done with great taste and proper installation, your property will have better insulation, curb appeal, and an additional personality.

why you should use acm panels

Aluminum composite panels are made of two panels that sandwich a plastic or resin core in between.

Why You Should Use ACM Panels: No Material is Perfect

There are plenty of reasons why you should use ACM panels. However, despite the advantages we stated above, they also have some shortcomings.

For one, they are susceptible to dents. If a hurricane passed through your property, it is highly likely the debris impacting against the panels will create dents.

In addition, while relatively affordable, ACM panels will need panel reinforcement with special manufacture-provided (or sold) threads to avoid hurricane damage.

Aluminum is a light material. Therefore, strong winds will apply force to any cavity within the ACM panels and pull them off the property causing extensive damage.

Lastly, they need an additional underlayment with proper panel joint sealing to prevent water from penetrating the interior of the material.

Can I Repair ACM Panels on My Own?

As stated earlier, property owners can replace missing ACM panels after a severe storm with strong winds. However, if the damage is extensive enough, property owners need to contact experienced contractors.

Fortunately, one reason why you should use ACM panels is that Toronto has no shortage of them. You won’t have problems finding an experienced contractor who can deal with installing, repairing, and replacing ACM panels effectively.

In this light, you won’t have any too many grave problems with your ACM panels right after a severe weather pounding.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know all the reasons why you should use ACM panels, do you think they’ll be excellent investments?

Before you go, take note that:

  • ACM panels are inexpensive
  • They are fireproof
  • The two-aluminum panel with a plastic core material is lightweight and durable
  • They have a lifespan of 50 plus years with effective maintenance
  • You’ll need professional help when dealing with repairs and replacements

Did we miss anything? Care to share your experience with ACM panels? Discuss with us below!